Bug Out, Survival, & Car, BAGS.

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First things first with this entry! What are survival kits? 

There’s several different kits one could put together to try and be ready for any situation. Well a few different questions need to be asked here.

1st- what is the most likely situation you might find yourself to be faced with?

Do you travel? And how often? How do you travel? On foot, car, truck, public Transit? Ect… each personal situation will determine the type of bag one should have at the ready for any emergency that might arise.
So I will write about three different survival bags that should suit most people’s needs 

For most situations, survival could be as simple as the tire on your car has popped. Where are you when this happened? In a city setting or on a hwy? Or maybe you took a trip to the far North, and your in an area with no cell service, maybe the closest cell reception is 20 miles away in any possible direction. Time of year will be a factor here.

First off let’s talk about the car safety kit/survival bag. These bags can generally be purchased online or in stores like Canadian Tire, Walmart, Amazon, or I’ve even seen them in Shoppers Drugs-mart usually around the Christmas holidays.

What’s in a car safety kit if you buy one?

They will all vary so take a careful look to make sure you get what you think you’ll need. Plus all the ones you purchase as a kit vary in $$$.
On Amazon $59.00 127 pieces
Advertisement for this kit says the following 

(MULTI-PURPOSE) : Perfect for the home, workplace, cars, it also includes preparedness survival tools for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting. Manufactured in a modern facility that provides products for lifeguard agencies, hospitals, and schools
【MULTI-FUNCTION KIT】-Great kit for most auto emergencies, such as winter weather, road trips, minor breakdown and other driving accidents.
A wise person always prepares,
【WELL-ORGANIZED】 :The name of all the tools and accessories are listed on the bag, helping you find what you need easily and quickly. And you can still put some small items that you deemed necessary into its extra space.


So there are a few items this bag does not have which I would recommend putting into your kit as well.
- 1st are a set of gloves, winter hat, and a sweater for each person of your family, these won’t fit in the bag of course but if you can spare the room in your car it’s always a good idea. And there is a knife that comes in the car bag but it’s not high quality so I would do your research on knives and choose one to leave in there that is of good quality, make sure it’s sharp, and in a sheath.

Most of this emergency car kit can also be converted into a bug-out bag if needed. By having one of these in your car then you don’t need to stock up on many of the items you would need for for a bug-out bag.

Ok, So that Leeds me to ask… what’s a bug-Out bag?, why would you want/need one?

A bug-out bag is simply
A survival kit, it is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared as an aid to survival, in an emergency situation.

If you have the basics then depending on whatever situation you will be putting yourself into at any given time will depend on the extras you grab for your kit.

Your kits will all have a basic set of necessary items and then depending on what you will be using the kit for will determine the extras you grab and pack into it.

Example. You do not need to grab jumper cables if you plan on walking into the woods for a couple days. Or you do not need a fire starter kit if all you need is a tow truck in the middle of a city. You get the idea.

You should always be going into your kit to change out a few items here and there depending on whatever situation you are about to immerse yourself in. And remember, if you have an emergency car kit then many of the items you need for this bug-out kit will already be in your car.

“To help choose the right knife for your desired kit, maybe have a look at this link https://mathiasoutdoors.ca/2022/01/13/knives-types-their-uses-in-the-field/

Bug out bag Off Amazon of course lol
I will say here,, if you decide to go out and buy these kits then you will be compromising the quality of the items for low costs. 

I would highly suggest to search out your own items and buy them separately, based on quality. Remember these items are designed and chosen specifically to save your life, and your family, and or friends lives in emergency situations.

I can tell you I don’t personally settle for an emergency pack made from Chinese crap when I know my life may one day be on the line. But I put the pics here so you have an idea of what is available.

So here are the items, & packs I have in my vehicle and at home in the case of emergency. I use my bug-out/survival pack regularly as my outdoor adventures hunting and camping bag. Most of the items are hung on a wall (in my man room)for when I am going on a trip. I hang it so when the time comes to leave the house and I need it. It won’t take but less than a minute to throw everything in the bag plus I’ll know exactly what will be in the bag and where as well. It will be fresh in my mind as I would have just packed it.
Of course I wouldn’t take all of it if I were just going for a drive. My car kit should have enough in it to get me through an emergency and get me home.
As for my car kit. That is a store bought (Amazon) kit. It’s good enough with what it comes with to signal for help if my car breaks down plus it has a set of jumper cables. And let’s face it. For most scenarios there is always CAA, and a cell phone with service close by lol. 

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