Some Great Food Ideas To Make Outdoors While Camping.

If your one of those people that procrastinate on what foods you’ll want to make while on a camping excursion with friend, family, or even going it alone for a while, here are some ideas that my partner and I have done over the past few years.

Fresh caught fish 2019
Heat the oil in pan before putting the fish in. Test the oil with some fish crisp, or flower to make sure it sizzling before adding the fish 2019
My true Canadian fish fry over an open camp fire. Freshly caught fish, fried potatoes, & beans 2019
Corn roasted over fire, potatoes, shrimp fried in butter, farmers sausage, seasoned with Montreal steak spice & topped with parsley. 2017
BBQ burgers with salad (Classic) 2019
Salad for A healthy option. Avocado, Beats, sweet potatoes, Cucumber, chick peas, green peas, Tomatoes, Quinoa, 2021
rice and peas stuffed peppers, & grilled chicken breast 2020
Breakfast stuffed peppers 2 eggs per pepper and topped with cheese over fire coals wrapped in tinfoil for 45 minutes (not in the flames) 2019
Weenier and beans 2022
Hot breakfast sandwiches. and soup 2022
One of my favourite sandwiches was this steak filled hotdog bun topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms & cheese, add some stoplight peppers for colour if you wish. 2021
My buddy AJ makes a great Corned Venison stew while we are ice fishing, he also does Duck stew and an array of other wild game meals on ice. He is very talented when it comes to making meals on the ice during the winter. 2022
Pork tenderloin with a nice stuffing, Cream sauce tortellini and a nice little bun (on ice) while filming a TV show for the Canadian Fishing Network. 2017.
AJ helping my oldest son Joseph land our next meal on the ice . 2017
Or of course if your not feeling like putting a lot of time into your meal. A nice meat, tomato and cheese sandwich with Mayo is always a good quick meal. Especially when taking a hike away from camp. 2022
On a winter hike through the woods in Muskoka. We brought a packed lunch with us. Jan 19, 2022

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