Last 5 months in review

It’s the end of January 2022. Caspian is just about to turn 5 months old and It’s just about time again that I have to go back to work. My time with Caspian and Erin has been full and entertaining, but work calls, and hunting season is just around the corner. The following is a review of the past 5 months with our newborn. But the rest of this book will be my personal experiences of the hunting season ahead in 2022.

Caspian was born Sep 6 2021

Caspian and Nony
I Had 2 weeks off work to help Erin recover and be with our new born
back to work for 3 weeks
Apple picking almost every week until October 30th

showcasing Caspian to as many family/ friends as safely possible over next few months. Molly & Holland over for a visit
Caspian’s first Halloween
4 day trip to Niagara Falls
finish writing 1st book. (with many late nights where I can’t sleep this is where I write most of my stories ). 1st book called “Just 1 Dads Opinion”
Hikes almost every day up until end of November

Family visits hosting multitude of dinners and baby play dates. With friends and family between October and mid November.
Caspian’s first Christmas and New Years
ice fishing into back lakes on several occasions
New Yeas – trip to Ottawa
1st of January start writing “Mathias Out door Adventures “ book 2”

January 2nd, start hiking trails again

January , many hikes and Forrest day camp outings begin lunch over camp fires
print 2 other book as well from years past. Tales of this old Salty Dog” x 2 volumes Now have 4 books finished start writing the second volume to Mathias Outdoors.

Jan 18th (ish) head out to Muskoka for a couple days. Visit friends, showcasing Caspian and go Snowshoeing for the first time.
Caspian loves the outdoors
Approx 3 days of ice fishing between the 23rd to 31st of January
Feb 3rd first day of winter camping 🏕 with hot tent. Back yard set up needed a few items so aborted the nights mission lol.

⁃ 2 more trail hikes after buying snowshoes And having lunch on an open fire before I have to go back to work ,

oh and did I mention My 3rd book written during Paternity & 5th book in total have been completed and printed. And the last one is on route to me right now before I have to go back to work on the 9th.

So it’s been a very busy last 4 months which I feel we have definitely made the most of our time since I’ve been off work. But now it’s time to go back. Can’t wait until Summer for our next big adventure with Caspian,

British Columbia’s here we come. Lol

3 responses to “Last 5 months in review”

  1. What a busy life, especially during a pandemic! Holy Moly!!!

    Congrats at finding safe, healthy ways to enjoy this chapter of your life…Caspian is bonny, beautiful and glad he likes outdoor life!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shelley Caspian is 9 months now and he is more active than ever no. Totally mobile. Stands with no assistance, walks with little assistance and crawls everywhere. He absolutely loves the outdoors and we will be going to BC soon. Can’t wait to show him the Rockies.


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