Mother’s Day

Do you know this woman?

Tired/exhausted, much of the time, this is my partner Erin.

Anyone that knows this lovely lady, knows just how much fun Erin Elaine likes to have, or can be (for that matter). Erin brightens up any room she walks into, her smile is infectious, and when Erin smiles The whole room smiles. Erin can most definitely be the life of the party.

But for those that may “ONLY” know that side of Erin, may not know that she has a definitive other side as well.

This is the side that is, gentle, yet strong, loving, caring, professional, protective, & nurturing! This is the side of Erin I have been witnessing for the past year & a half develop into this beautiful woman that she has become today for our little man.

This side of Erin, is the side that encompasses all that Erin is capable of! and, it is the side of my beautiful partner that will continue to blossom for years to come.

Hunny, you may have once thought that being the life of the party was who you were and what life was all about. But the woman you have become and will continue to be, from now, and for the rest of your life, is the most beautiful and respected type of person/woman known to mankind or, (people-kind, according to MR Trudeau) ha ha ha.

This is the second time in your life you are able to celebrate the undeniable fact, that you are a MOM.

You deserve celebration as do all good mothers out there. It’s not easy doing what you do on a daily basis or what you have gone through to get to where you are at this very moment (as a mother/ & a parent)

I have been a parent myself for the past 21 years and I can tell you so far, and after witnessing the way you interact with our son, it is very impressive. The way you get on the floor daily to be at his level, the endless energy you seem to have, and continue to give, so that Caspian has constant attention all day long, feeding him and never letting him go hungry even when your exhausted yourself, especially knowing the energy it takes out of a woman in order to breastfeed a child.

Giving Caspian priority over all your own needs and wants, and without the expectation of praise, or recognition is what makes you a better mother than our son could ever have hoped for.

I know it saddens you when you/we are at family functions, (probably your favourite place to be) and once the woman that closed down the night is now one of the first to have to leave each and every time, in order to make sure our little nugget is well rested and that you yourself are well enough rested, in order to be able to take care of him when he is up.

The incredible courage I personally witnessed when trying to conceive our son, and with a 1st failed attempt with the loss and miscarriage of our first child, you took a breather and continued to try, and then succeeded after going through some very painful procedures in trying to upright our breech baby (twice) and then, having a C-section which is not what I know you wanted but the bravery I witnessed was incredible, and finally, creating our now family. I will forever be grateful to you for everything you do for us and most importantly for our son.

You are a “GREAT” MOM and I know I myself am very proud of you, but mostly I am relieved that Caspian has lucked out by having you as his mother.

Happy Mother’s Day

Love yer gutz hunny.

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