Our First Years Adventures With Caspian

As of 12:49pm on September 6th 2021 Erin Coligan and I would start a year pact full of adventures and experiences we never dreamed would become us, just 3 short years ago.

As of the date and time mentioned above and weighing just 6lbs 07oz our beautiful baby boy Caspian entered into this world.

From only a couple days old Caspian was destined to become an outdoor and adventure child. Erin and I spend our days in the outdoors, when we are at home we dream of our next big adventure and get restless until we are outdoors doing something. To be honest I thought I would be a difficult partner for any woman because I am so “ON THE GO” all the time, but Erin seems to be able to keep up pace and Infact I may just have met my match lol.

On around day 2 or 3 when Caspian was just out of hospital We decided to go on our first adventure. Apple Picking, you know, we needed to start off small.

With Caspian so small and fragile the bumpy terrain was a challenge, but we seemed to manage and daily nature hikes, apple farms and nature trails became our normal before winter hit anyway.

Day trips to Ottawa, Brockville Kingston, & our own area of Prince Edward Count during his first few months visiting family and friends have been very important for us so that Caspian knows everyone in his very large family. this will be a continuous effort throughout his life.

Our first real outing as a family was when Caspian was just before He reached 2 months of age and 2 days after His first Halloween

Caspian turned 2 months old while we were on a family trip to Niagara Falls Ontario. He slept through much of our adventures so far.

Of course winter was just around the corner and I thought things might start to quiet down for our new little family. But of course Erin and I were just getting started. Well End of November came and things did turn quiet for us for a couple weeks as both Erin and I got the dreaded Coronavirus, thank God Caspian never ended up with it tho and pretty soon we were all back to our regular day hiking on some local trails.

Now end of December came quickly and Caspian experienced his first family Christmas. Of course this meant some travel to Brockville and to Nonies & Rob’s in Kingston for the holidays.

3.5 months old

Shortly after Christmas the snow really began to fly so In order to continue the outdoor adventures Erin and I got some skis that attach to Caspian’s stroller so we could continue hiking during the winter months. These skis worked out incredibly. We started making winter camp fires and doing some cooking in the bush.

January 2022 ( Caspian was now 4 months old.

At 5 months old we were all off on another family adventure to Muskoka where we stayed at a very nice resort overlooking a frozen lake while we visited friends Bill, Nikita, and their daughter. Again Erin and I decided we wanted to go outside and play in the snow on an outdoor adventure and Bill decided to join us. This time we borrowed some snowshoes and all went on a hike and made some lunch in the woods once again.

Although I had to go back to work in February 2022 after my Parental leave was coming to an end. Our outdoor baby was not done yet.

In March we hit the trails with 2 groups of family and friend on 2 separate days and headed for a walk along a trail to the sugar shack where we had a generous helping of pancakes and fresh Maple syrup breakfast

Caspian is now 6 Months old

I thought for sure me being back to work was going to slow us down, which it has (sort of) but a few day trips and weekend family visits

Caspian at 7 months we hit the Toronto Zoo with his 1/2 Brother Joe

7 months at the Toronto Zoo
At 8 months old, Caspian started becoming mobile he started crawling, and walking with assistance. This pic is on Wolf island (Kingston Ontario)

It is amazing to see how many changes a child goes through in his/her first year. From the day Caspian was born to today I am always in shock almost daily to see what new task he is able to do or what changes he experienced that day. Just yesterday a new tooth broke the gum line. He now has 8 teeth. With every tooth he gets, the more food he can try, and successfully consume.

Caspian started saying a few words that I think only his parents can understand but now at 9 months he constantly babbles and is learning how to form words. Every day is a new adventure.

Speaking of adventures, Erin, Caspian and I are currently on yet another adventure. Caspian took his first flight, and to Alberta no less, last Monday.

Caspian looking out the window above the clouds

He was an absolute blast to fly with. No crying, he slept 1/2 way. And flirted with the woman next to us lol.

We stayed for 3 nights in Calgary with a good friend of mine Brian, his wife Natalie, & daughter Maddy.

Brian and Maddy

We took a couple day trips while Brian and Natalie had to work before heading to Fernie BC. For one of Erins (many) cousins wedding, but not before we were able to sneak in a few awesome day trip adventures

Banff AB

Drumheller and the Hoodoo’s hike

The Bad Lands

We arrived in Fernie 2 days ago and today is the morning of the wedding so our adventure is still a few days away from being over, however Fernie has been an absolute blast the last 2 days. We took Caspian through the mountains, off-roading with our rental jeep ha ha ha, hiking, to a couple family parties, swimming, a petting farm lol, and this morning before we go to the wedding we plan to take a gondola ride up one of the mountains to over look the town.

Fernie BC

Fernie Lizard ridge.
I had to start a fire with my knife. It’s a new knife and it needed to be used lol.
Momma Hiking and Caspian resting to gain more energy for later
Off-roading dad rented a toy for the holiday
Family fun in Fernie and meeting Auntie Carla and uncle Bruce in person Finally.

So let’s see where the next few months take our family before Caspian turns 1.

So to recap in 10 months before his first Birthday, Caspian has had many adventures, he’s hit 3 provinces Ontario, Alberta, & BC and he was about 60 KM away for Saskatchewan too ha ha ha. Next time I guess. ( although I guess technically he has flown over both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, does that count lol,

We thought we would be constantly on the water sailing with him as that is most pro-dominantly Erin and I’s favourite activity, however Caspian has yet to set foot on a sailboat lol. We plan on introducing him to that in 2023. We do know he loves the water and swimming. Lol so that’s promising.

Well I am writing this while Erin and Caspian are asleep and I’m guessing they will be up soon so I’d better get off this contraption. But I’ll finish this adventure story soon.

Caspian playing near the stream
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